My Work

2012-Present / Elo Entertainment Inc

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer - I co-founded Elo with the mission of building tools that help competitive gamers improve their play with data and statistics. We launched the first in-depth analytics website for League of Legends in 2012. We followed up with Dotabuff (the largest community website for Dota 2), Overbuff (for Overwatch), and additional game sites. Today we’re further building out our network of sites and developing a next-generation platform providing data analytics for gaming and esports.

2009-2011 / Sabbatical

After GotFrag and MLG I needed some time to recharge. I took a two year sabattical from regular work - a luxury I’m grateful for. In this time I studied new tech, met lifelong friends, and learned to focus on what’s important in life. I also managed to play World of Warcraft at a competitive level (it’s more of an accomplishment than it sounds!)

2007-2008 / Major League Gaming Inc

Chief Information Officer - I joined Major League Gaming for a short while after the GotFrag acquisition to serve in a transitional role. While there I helped migrate and integrate recent MLG acquisitions. Major League Gaming went on to be acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2016.

2002-2007 / Inc

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer - I was a co-founder and CTO at, the leading esports coverage website at the time. We started covering competitive online Counter-Strike in 2002 and later expanded to additional PC games, consoles, hardware, and even launched a magazine. GotFrag was acquired by Major League Gaming in 2007.

2000-2003 / DataHive Networking Inc.

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer - I co-founded DataHive just out of grade school with the mission of simplifying IT and bringing online services to small businesses. We raised seed funding and were among the first to build “network appliance” based on BSD and other open source technology. While ultimately not successful, we did manage to bring a new and unique hardware+software product to market. I learned a lot about tech, business, and how to evaluate opportunities.

1999-2000 / Ideal Multimedia Systems Inc.

Tech - I worked for a small business that offered personal and business computing services. My work ranged from assembling computers to diagnosing and fixing issues, designing and building networks, hosting websites, writing point-of-sale software, and anything else that needed to be done.